OP Financial Group - Traffic Act VR-experience

OP Financial Group

Miltton Creative

Saku Partamies

Creative Director
Director: Tommi Rapeli, Ville Vaajakallio

Fake team
CTO: Juha Ruistola
VR Developer: Markus Eräpolku
Artists: Jaakko Stenius, Harri Lähteenmäki, Paween Sarachan, Taito Uotila, Markus Lehtokumpu, Kivi Virolainen
Concepts: Goodname Studios

virtual reality

Have you ever stopped to think what goes through your mind while you are on the move and quite possibly in a hurry? You may be late from a business meeting or in a hurry to pick up your kids from daycare. It is too often that we get distracted and lost in thought when we should pay attention to our surroundings instead. Many accidents could be avoided if we focused and paid more attention to what is happening around us. On the other hand, the fact is that no matter how focused you yourself are, there may be fellow citizens around you who may not pay attention to traffic when they should.

With this in mind, OP Financial Group, together with Fake and Miltton Creative, created a unique Virtual Reality world to experience this in a safe environment.

“It was amazing to take part in the production and experience how everything came together during the process. Together with Miltton, our creative and technical heads made something very approachable and easy to experience for everyone.” Saku Partamies, Producer - FAKE

Design process

Instead of just making a visually impressive or a trendy 360’ video and be satisfied with it, we decided to take the experience truly to the next level by creating an amazing Virtual Reality environment and placing the user in the middle of it. The user is able to act and walk in the virtual space and make educated decisions based on his or her experience. Walking scenario was specifically chosen because of its easy learning curve, making it possible for the user to get the full experience even during a very limited time available at the roadshow. HTC Vive was chosen as the hardware platform as it supported an easy and rapid development of the user-walking scenario.

“Working with Fake was a breeze. Everything went as well as it could have. The continuous creative back & forth and innovative thought process helped us produce an experience that was more immersive and exciting than what we originally hoped for.” Lauri Gran, Copywriter - Miltton Creative

Words from client

Fake has a long background and experience in visual design as well as in research and development of latest techniques and tools suited to VR productions. We collaborated with Fake as we wanted to provide truly outstanding experience and make the environment look visually as rich as possible. Beautiful visuals also demand a first-class sound design, which is why we collaborated with Scoring Helsinki, who has a reputation of designing first-class sound designs.

“Finland is celebrating its 100 years independence this year. Vuosisadan Liikenneteko is a linked program with a goal of improving road safety in Finland. We in OP Financial Group find this goal very important and, therefore, wanted to become the main partner in the program. However, instead of making a traditional advertising campaign, we wanted to create an experience that leaves a stronger memory trace to people who experience it. Now with the biggest Virtual Reality roadshow in Finland, we are offering people the possibility to experience Virtual Reality all across Finland – and make Finland’s roads safer at the same time.” Anna Heinsalmi, marketing manager, OP Financial Group


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