Virtual Reality Parachute Flare Training Simulation

Virtual Boating School

Saku Partamies

Creative Director
Ville Vaajakallio

Fake team
Juha Ruistola, Felipe Karvonen

virtual reality

The latest virtual reality work from Fake was introduced at Vene 17 Båt boating exhibition in Helsinki. Together with Virtual Boating School we had a pleasure to create and design a parachute flare training simulation for emergency situation.

Most people never had a chance to shoot a real flare and in distress situation it can be a quite daunting experience with few very important steps to do correctly. With virtual approach the training is available for everyone. The VR corner was a part of The Finnish Lifeboat Institution’s booth at the exhibition floor.

“It was fun to work on something different from our traditional expertise and design a truly functional simulation. The VR definitely has it’s use also outside of entertainment business and we are excited to continue collaboration with Virtual Boating School.” Ville Vaajakallio, Creative Director - FAKE.

Virtual Boating School is a forthcoming educational virtual reality package that gives an easy access to everyone for recreational boating by having a step by step modular approach to learn all necessary navigation and boat handling skills.

The Finnish Lifeboat Institution is the umbrella organization for voluntary maritime rescue associations in Finland.