Smart Ring
    Fake created product pictures and promotional film for the new Oura smart ring. READ MORE ABOUT THIS >>
  • HMD Global
    Nokia 5
    Fake produced all visual assets for the Nokia Android smartphones that HMD Global has launched this year. READ MORE ABOUT THIS >>
    EduCycle AR Game
    Environmental learning of the future, an iPad-based augmented reality game. READ MORE ABOUT THIS >>
    Traffic Act VR-experience
    Making of video and article about one of the coolest VR-experience we've made. READ MORE ABOUT THIS >>
  • Battle Bay 
    Official Trailer
    This collaboration project with Rovio and Piñata ended up being one of the coolest animations we have recently finished. READ MORE ABOUT THIS >>


Fake is an award winning creative and digital production studio specializing in image design, animation and effects for visual communications.

We create outstanding graphics and visual effects for marketing, entertainment, product launches and showrooms. Fake’s strength is highly rated aesthetic knowledge combined with profound experience in problem solving.

Our production team and creatives are available to discuss our customer’s needs and design the best possible visual results.


We have a brilliant development team with experience from making software for video games, simulation, physics, CAD and even life- critical medical devices. We utilise this expertise to develop meaningful, immersive AR/VR/MR applications for purposes such as entertainment, communication, training, design, architecture and manufacturing. 

Contact us for a demo of our in-house developed software, most of which we are not at liberty to share in public or in social media. 

Fake is a member of VR/AR Association